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On this page - Brazilian Vervain, Lindenleaf rosemallow, Salt Marsh Mallow, Orange Milkwort, Dwarf Sundew, Pink Sundew, Largeflower Jointweed, Powderpuff, Paintedleaf, Lion's Ear

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Brazilian Vervain (Verbena brasiliensis) Brazilian Vervain (Verbena brasiliensis)

Brazilian Vervain - Verbena brasiliensis

Family - Verbenaceae

Habitat - Wet Prairie, Ruderal on moist or wet soils

Description - Not native, an introduced herbaceous annual with angled branching stems to 6 feet or slightly more in height. Leaves are opposite, elliptic to obovate with fine to coarsely serrate margins.

Brazilian Vervain produces umerous small pink to lavender on 2 inch long heads.

Image - Lindenleaf Rosemallow (Hibiscus furcellatus)

Lindenleaf Rosemallow - Hibiscus furcellatus

Family - Malvaceae

Habitat - Commonly found at edges of wet prairies and freshwater marshes, swamps and other moderately moist sites.

Description - Native, perennial, may grow as a shrub or herbaceous plant, 6 to 8 feet tall.

Flower - Pale pink, pale purple with red to purple center, 6 inches wide.

Salt Marsh Mallow (Kosteletzkya virginica (L.)C.Presl ex A) Salt Marsh Mallow

Salt Marsh Mallow - Kosteletzkya virginica

Family - Malvaceae

Habitat - Fresh and salt marshes, low lying moist woodlands primarily in coastal areas.

Description - Native perennial, may grow as a herbaceous plant or as a small shrub 5 to 6 feet tall. Leaves are cordate to lanceolate with toothed margins, stems and leaves are hairy.

Flower - Pink hibiscus type flower, just under 3 inches across with 5 petals surrounding a tube consisting of the fused stamens and style.

Orange Milkwort (Polygala lutea L) Orange Milkwort flower close-up

Orange Milkwort, Candy Weed - Polygala lutea

Family - Polygalaceae

Habitat - Moist sandy soils in pinelands, wet prairie. Numerous tiny orange flowers in dense clusters, 3/4 inch diameter and 1 to 2 inches long.

Description - Biennial, Forb/herb. 6 to 12 inches high.

Image - Dwarf Sundew (Drosera brevifolia)

Dwarf Sundew - Drosera brevifolia

Family - Droseraceae

Habitat - Small carnivorous plant found in wetlands, generally in moist sandy soils at margins of marshes, swamps, wet prairies and pineland depressions.

Description - Native perennial, forb/herb. Carnivorous plant, 3-4 inches tall.

Flower - White to pink, rising above plant on stalks.

Image - Pink Sundew (Drosera capillaris) in bloom

Pink Sundew - Drosera capillaris

Family - Droseraceae

Habitat - Wetlands, moist sandy soils at margins of marshes, swamps, wet prairies and pineland depressions

Description -  Native perennial, forb/herb. Carnivorous plant, Leaf hairs produce a sticky liquid from glands to trap small insects which the plant digests to supplement the nutrient poor soils in which it grows.

Flower - White to pink, rising on stalks up to 1 foot in height.

Largeflower Jointweed (Polygonella robusta)

Largeflower Jointweed - Polygonella robusta

Family - Polygonaceae

Habitat - Scrub, Scrubby Flatwoods, moderately moist to dry, well drained sandy soils, endemic to Florida.

Description - Perennial sub-shrub, Forb, herb, 3 to 4 feet in height. Generally taller than broad, stem leaf elliptic, basal leaf ovate-lanceolate.

Flower - 17 to 30 white to pale pink tubular disk flowers on a branched inflorescence.

Powderpuff (Mimosa strigillosa Torr. & A. Gray)

Powderpuff, Herbaceous Mimosa - Mimosa strigillosa

Family - Fabaceae

Habitat - Dry to moist open areas in sandy soils, statewide.

Description - Native. Perennial, Sub-shrub, Forb, herb. Forms dense mats. 2-10 inches high, flowers with stalk to about 3 inches. Leaves are pinnately compound, sensitive to touch, folding closed when touched.

Flower - Rose-mauve, pink, 1 inch in diameter on 2-3 inch long stalk.

Fire-on the-mountain, Paintedleaf (Poinsettia cyathophora) Paintedleaf (Poinsettia cyathophora )

Paintedleaf, Fire-on-the-mountain - Poinsettia cyathophora

Family - Euphorbiaceae

Habitat - Hammocks, Pinelands.

Description - Native annual or perennial herb to 30 inches tall. Hollow stems and the leaves exude white milky sap when broken or torn.

Lion's Ear, Christmas candlestick - Leonotis nepetifolia

Family - Lamiaceae

Habitat - Ruderal

Description - Introduced annual, native to Africa. Lion's ear is very attractive to bees, butterflies and hummingbirds which dine on nectar from the tubular, 1 inch orange flowers. Growing to about eight feet tall this erect herb has square stems and aromatic leaves typical of members of the mint family.

Florida tasselflower (Emilia fosbergii) Florida tasselflower (Emilia fosbergii)

Florida tasselflower - Emilia fosbergii

Family - Asteraceae

Habitat - Flatwoods, ruderal areas in south and central Florida.

Description - Not native, introduced plant with red urn shaped flowers less than an inch long, a common yard weed that grows to about 20 inches high.

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