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Bottlebrush Tree, Callistemon Spp.

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Family - Myrtaceae

The common name of Bottlebrush is used to describe the 16 different members of the Callistemon genus, with characteristic showy flowers produced on spikes resembling a bright red bottle brush.

The two of these most frequently seen in the Florida landscape are C. citrinus, Lemon Bottlebrush (also referred to as Red Bottlebrush) & C. viminalis, the Weeping Bottlebrush.

Lemon Bottlebrush, so named because of the distinct citrus smell of the leaves when bruised, can be grown as as shrub or trained as a small tree up to about 15 feet tall. This plant is a bit hardier than its relatives and can be grown in U.S.D.A. zones 8b - 11. Flowers in spring and summer.

Weeping Bottlebrush, C. viminalis can grow up to 30 feet tall but this is rare, most landscape specimens are 15 - 20 feet with an equal spread.

U.S.D.A. zones 9b - 11. The basic cultural requirements for both of these popular landscape plants are the same.

Full sun, tolerant of soil pH from slightly alkaline to acidic, with a clay, loamy or a sandy composition as long as it is well drained.

Bottlebrush trees like moisture but not continuously wet roots, tending to develop root rot if kept wet. High drought tolerance once established, has a medium tolerance of salt air.

New leaves are a light bronze color, becoming light green as they mature and 2-4 inches long, with a narrow lanceolate to linear shape and entire margins.

Landscape uses - Can be used as a tall screen or shrub hedge, container plant, specimen tree. Can be used as a small tree near a patio or porch. Humming birds are attracted to the flowers.

Weeping Bottlebrush tree in full bloom

Lemon Bottlebrush tree, spring bloom.

Bottlebrush tree flower, close-up picture.

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