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Croton, Codiaeum variegatum

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Family: Euphorbiaceae

Croton shrubs come in an amazing array of leaf shape & color combinations. There are at least 40 distinct leaf shapes and countless named varieties, with new combinations seemingly being developed continuously.

Needless to say Croton is a very popular landscape shrub & house plant in central and southern Florida. Native to Malaysia, the Pacific islands and northern Australia, Croton is cultivated throughout warm climates worldwide & is available in sizes ranging from dwarf to a small tree.

U.S.D.A. Zones 10-11, Croton likes high humidity and warm temperatures. Frost or cold dry wind will cause leaf drop.

Not drought tolerant, slight salt tolerance, likes slightly moist, well drained soil and strong light to full sun. Shaded Crotons will not develop good color.

Pests - Scale, Thrips, Mites. Rot rot is a problem if soil is too wet. Croton should be pruned back hard in spring to force growth from the lower branches. Easily propagated from 4 - 12 inch green cuttings or by air layering.

Croton shrub

Croton - Leaves closeup

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