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Dahoon Holly, Ilex cassine L.

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Family - Aquifoliaceae

This native Holly grows as a small tree or as a large shrub & is equally attractive to Florida wildlife as it is to humans. Migratory and native birds & small mammals feast on the profuse red, or sometimes yellow-orange berries.

The berries persist on the plant after spring flowering throughout winter, adding a vibrant splash of color set against the dark green leaves.

U.S.D.A. Zones 5 - 10.

Dahoon Grows as an evergreen shrub or small tree, taller than wide and capable of reaching 40 feet, more commonly seen at 20-30 feet.

Dahoon holly has an open, airy habit of growth and overall usually takes on a somewhat irregular pyramidal shape.

This plant likes full sun to partially shaded conditions, being a wetland specie it is excellent for wet or periodically flooded locations, yet has a moderate amount of drought tolerance. Has moderate salt resistance & will grow near brackish bodies of water.

Dahoon holly can be grown from seed or from cuttings and layering.

Note: Male and female flowers are on separate plants, only female plants produce berries & there must be a male plant nearby to do so. Flowers in the spring are small, white and inconspicuous.

Landscape uses - Can be trained as a tree or shrub, used for screens, specimen plants, small loose groups, or a large potted plant.

Image - Dahoon Holly with berries.

Detail image of Dahoon holly leaves and red berries

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