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Duranta "Gold Mound  - Duranta erecta

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Family - Verbenaceae

Gold Mound Duranta is also known by the common names of Golden dewdrop, Pigeon berry & Skyflower. There are also several variegated and yellow cultivars available.

The genus Duranta is estimated to have between 17 and 36 species spread throughout the world, while some consider Duranta erecta to be a Florida Keys native others differ, believing it to have been imported. There are some species of Duranta that do originate in the Caribbean and Tropical Americas.

Duranta is commonly grown as a border or low hedge shrub, the new growth is bright lime - yellow to yellow and provides a nice contrast amid darker greens in the landscape. There are alsoRelatively easy to maintain, this plant is widely used in both commercial and home landscapes as well as municipal projects.

U.S.D.A grow zones 9 - 12, not freeze hardy.

Height 4 - 5 feet, multi stemmed shrub, prefers warm to hot weather and is moderately drought tolerant once established, grows in a soil range from slightly alkaline to acidic, well drained sand or loam is best.

Mature stems tend to be a bit thorny, flowers range from Lavender and blue to white and the showy clusters of golden yellow fruit are reportedly poisonous if ingested.

Duranta is attractive to butterflies and birds. Susceptible to caterpillar infestations.

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