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Geiger Tree, Cordia sebestena

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Family - Boraginaceae

Natural Habitat - Coastal Strand & Hammocks

U.S.D.A. Zones 10, 11.

Description - The Geiger tree is widely considered to be a Florida native tree although this status is subject to some debate.

Slow growing to a height of 25 feet with an equal spread, the Geiger tree has large cordate to ovate, alternately arranged & rough textured dark green leaves, leaf margins are entire & undulate.

Attractive orange flowers are produced in clusters the year round and are profuse in the spring & summer. Fruit is green, oval, to 3 inches long.

Landscape Use - Small accent or specimen tree, street tree

Culture - Propagation is by seed. The Geiger tree is very salt and soil tolerant making it suitable for seaside landscape use. It is resistant to drought, although it tends to drop its leaves in response to very dry conditions.

Soil may be acidic to alkaline as long as it's well drained. Geiger trees will grow in full sun to partially shaded locations and are not tolerant of frost. Requires pruning to develop a dense canopy.

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Geiger tree

Geiger tree flowers

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