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Florida's Nature - Landscape Trees

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South Florida landscape trees, including native species.

Native plants have advantages over imported species, being better adapted to local growing conditions as well as providing food, cover and nesting sites for Florida's native animals.

Selecting a native plant that thrives in a perpetually moist or wet soil, or on the other end of the spectrum one that does well in a dry, desert-like environment can save a huge amount of supplemental watering, fertilizer and pesticide application.


Native - Bald Cypress

Bismark Palm

Bottlebrush Tree

Canary Island Date Palm

Coconut Palm

Crape Myrtle

Native - Dahoon Holly


Floss-Silk Tree

Native - Geiger Tree



Native - Gumbo limbo Tree

Native - Laurel Oak

Native - Live Oak

Native - Loblolly Bay Tree

Native - Mahogany

Native - Paurotis Palm

Native - Pitch Apple

Purple Orchid Tree

Purple Trumpet Tree

Native - Red Cedar


Native - Red Maple

Native - Royal Palm

Royal Poinciana

Rubber Tree

Native - Sabal Palm

Native - Sand Live Oak

Native - Sand Pine

Sausage Tree


Screw Pine

Native - Seagrape

Silver Trumpet Tree

Native - Slash Pine

Native - Southern Magnolia

Tamarind Tree


Native - Wax Myrtle

Image - White Bird of Paradise tree

White Bird-of-Paradise

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