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Laurel Oak, Quercus laurifolia

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Family - Fagaceae

Also called the Diamond Leaf Oak, this native tree can grow to 60 plus feet tall with an equal or lesser width & symmetrical oval to rounded crown with a trunk up to 4 feet in diameter.

U.S.D.A. zones 6b - 10. This fast growing tree is widely used in both commercial & residential landscapes as a shade tree or street tree. This tree should not be planted closer than eight feet away from sidewalks or driveways as the flared trunk and roots will eventually lift them.

Culture - Full sun to partial shade, slightly acid to slightly alkaline soil pH, low salt tolerance. Laurel Oak prefers moist, well drained sandy soils.

Moderately drought resistant, not tolerant of salt air or soil.

Laurel Oak is a relatively short-lived tree with a life span of 50 - 70 years, prune when young to develop an evenly spaced branch structure and strong central leader, removing larger branches later makes the tree more susceptible to wood decay which will eventually kill the tree.

Older Laurel Oaks usually develop hollow trunks leading to the decline and death of the tree.

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