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Loblolly Bay, Gordonia lasianthus

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Family - Theaceae

Natural Habitat - Swamps, Bogs, Wet Flatwoods

A native evergreen tree to 60 feet in height with a narrow conical shape.

Loblolly Bay has fragrant white or creamy white cup shaped flowers, 2-3 inches across with 5 petals surrounding numerous golden-yellow stamens.

Flowering begins in spring and continues throughout the summer. Leaves are dark green above & light green on the bottom surface, alternate, oblong, lightly serrate to crenate, 2 1/2 to 6 inches long.

Landscape use - Ornamental, specimen, especially where a narrow crown tree is needed due to limited space.

U.S.D.A. Zones 7-10. Loblolly Bay is a swamp dweller with a shallow root system & should be grown in acidic, wet to seasonally flooded soils that are rich in organic content. Prefers shade but will tolerate full sun in perpetually wet areas.

Loblolly Bay has a low drought tolerance & is not tolerant of salt or alkaline soil. Propagation is by seed or cuttings.

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