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Red Cedar, Juniperus virginiana

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Family - Cupressaceae

Florida native tree, a fast growing medium sized conifer, Red Cedar is a fine textured evergreen tree to 40-50 feet tall with a dense canopy, bark is thin, reddish-brown. Young trees have a pyramidal or Christmas tree shape, mature trees are often flat-topped with a windswept appearance.

The aromatic wood of Red Cedar has long been used for closet linings & chests to repel insects.

Red cedar wood is resistant to rot & has been used for fence posts and other structures where this attribute is required.

Landscape Use -  As a screen or windbreak, plant 15' on centers, specimen or accent tree, street tree, Christmas tree. Suitable for seaside plantings.

U.S.D.A. Zones 2 - 9.

Propagation is by seed, full sun to partial shade, tolerates a range of soil textures & pH as long as it is well drained. Red cedar cannot take continuously wet soil. Highly drought and salt tolerant.

Red Cedar tree

Red Cedar used a a screen

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