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Thryallis - Galphimia glauca

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Family - Malpighiaceae

Thryallis is very popular & widely used in South Florida as a landscape shrub, blooming continuously in warm weather.

This semi-woody plant can grow to nine feet tall, but is best when kept pruned down to 4 or 5 feet to prevent it from becoming too leggy.

Thryallis is hardy in growing zones 9 - 11 and can be used for mass group plantings, as a low hedge or can be grown in containers.

Drought tolerant and virtually pest free, Thyrallis is a good selection for a low maintenance landscape and grows and flowers best in full sun, but will take partial shade and soils which range in pH from slightly alkaline to acidic.

Propagation is by seed or softwood cuttings.

Image - Thryallis shrub, Galphimia glauca

Image - Thryallis flowers

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