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Glory tree, Tibouchina granulosa

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Family - Melastomataceae

Common names - Tibouchina, Glory tree, Purple glory tree.

Glory-bush (Tibouchina granulosa) with its clusters of 2 inch wide, royal purple flowers rising above the foliage makes this a spectacular landscape specimen for any part of Florida that does not freeze.

Tibouchina, as this plant is commonly referred to, is not a particularly fussy plant, and it flowers throughout the year, peaking in the warm months. With a little pruning a compact tree form can easily be achieved. The dark green, 6 inch leaves have several veins running lengthwise.

The genus Tibouchina consists of about 350 species, all of which originate from the tropics of S. America, many being native to Brazil.

U.S.D.A. Zones - 10, 11. Protect from frost/freezing.

This Tibouchina grows to about 20 feet with an equal spread, about 5 hours of full sun is needed for best flowering, it is not too picky about soil, as long as it is well drained.

Water as needed to prevent plant from drying out but don't keep saturated or root rot can result. Sometimes attacked by scale or nematodes, must be pruned regularly to maintain shape.

Glory tree, Tibouchina granulosa

Flowers and leaves of the Glory tree, Tibouchina granulosa

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